Civil rights Issue?

Something interesting has been brought to my attention since entering this twisted legal system. It cannot be denied that a male, standing before a judge attempting to get custody of his children, is immediately at a disadvantage. Could this be considered a violation of our basic Civil Right to equal protection under the law?

I mean if ANY legal decision was based solely on the litigant being a woman, a minority, disabled, or homosexual, the ACLU would be up in arms, and it would be the top story on CNN.

Is there way to force the courts to recognize that we are entitled to fair treatment? Perhaps one of those ridiculous lawsuits (such as suing McDonalds for the coffee being hot) would bring our cause to the front?

I would be willing to spearhead such a drive, if there was any interest. My Email is listed on my profile, drop me a line. There is strength in numbers, we shall overcome!