Help Ex-Wife denied supervised visits

Hello Guys

My name is Fred, I’m a 37 year old divorced devoted father of two wonderful daughters Kristina 15 and Heidi 11..

Here is the nuts and bolts of the problem.. This past summer my ex-wife denied me supervised visits out of state with my two daughters. My fiance Jeni was more than willing to do the supervision here where I live.

My ex says it’s illegal for me to see my kids where I live yet she was going to fly them down at her expense to their grandparents in FL this past summer.. Then when she was stopped from doing that she had the kids go on summer outings with her sister.

I on several occasions attempted to invite my ex to come down to bring the kids down to where i live. The girls however would’ve stayed with me and my fiance during their visit.

Need advice !!!! I have retain an attorney