I am with you

My “soon-to-be-ex” has drug dealers living in the house (Not a bitter ex-husband, I have spoken to the police about these people), my son can describe her drug paraphernalia, in detail, and she has hit my daughter in the face so hard, her nose bled. My kids also ALWAYS have head lice when they I pick them up.

It has almost become a ritual: Daddy picks them up, we drive to the store and buy the treatment, we spend two hours treating and combing out nits. Yet the judge feels she is the best parent. I asked MY lawyer about it, he stated that because I had the children taken out of the state, she was given custody. I only had them taken out of state after she threatened, in front of a police officer, to kill me, and my mother. The officer suggested that she have them during the week, and I have them on the weekend. She replied, “If i get them back, he will never see them again.”

When they WERE taken out of state, it was to a Denver CO, where they spent a week rock climbing and playing with my brother, then for 2 weeks to Philadelphia, where they visited, for the first time, their dying great grandmother, and also saw the Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall, as well as a trip to the ocean, which they had never seen. We are men in the ONLY time in history that it is bad to be a man!!!