I need some serious advice

im a male divorced 1 year. i have a son who is 6 and has a serious medical condition. here is my problem. My ex his mother with whom i have joint custody cannot hold down a job, finds conflict in every aspect of life costing her jobs and friends, lies constantly and i mean elaborate complex lies about everything, accuses the neighbors of all matter of atrocities (none of which are true).

She is trying to martyr my son so she can look at everyone and say look what you did. she already euthanized the dogs in order to do blame everyone else, she believes everyone is out to get her and i mean everyone people who don’t even know her. she sent her daughter away to live with relatives which really traumatized both children. she dropped out of therapy because it “didn’t make sense” what they were telling her.refuses help from everyone and accuses them of alterior motives. my son is scared he don’t know what is going on only he cannot play with his best friends anymore.

he doesn’t know who will be picking him up from school or where he will be staying from day to day. It is breaking my heart and making me physically ill from worry. I am broke no money cannot afford an attorney and i don’t think i qualify for legal aid i make good money but it all goes to child support (i have 2 exes with children). In short i fear for my sons health safety mental well being and even his life.

what can i do? please he is the most precious and dearest child in the world and im at a loss as to what to do. ive spoken to psychologist about her and they say her symptoms are classic of paranoid psychotic behavior and he may very well be in danger. i welcome any advice