I think it is very important to become an absolute expert on your case

I have had five lawyers on mine. One said, “Just Pay!” In my case, a toughie between three states, most were not sufficiently up with interstate matters.

I personally did most of the legwork doing hours of driving and ferrying between jurisdictions.

I got a notebook with those clear plastic thingies that you slip paper into and put every paper (motion affidavits etc.) by state into it. I pored over each states law, Federal Title 28 and UIFSA. I printed up all pertinent laws for reference and while waiting the many hours in court, shared some of the laws with other combatants. Another important things to consider is looking at the courts civil rules of procedure.

I used to think that all lawyers were intelligent, and now I know there are stellar lawyers and goofs. It is a mixed bag. Make sure you are organized and know as much as possible so you can stick up for yourself. I spent hours and hours falling asleep on the computer keyboard reading and plenty of time at the library. It is a must…