Just a thought

Isn’t it ironic that our society has no problem in having us males risk our lives to protect the women and children of our country but that we are not worthy of having normal relationships with our children. The event of September 11th was indeed tragic and many men (as well as women) have been called to duty, but do you think that if they truly knew what our courts thought of them do you think these men would continue with the fight?

I know that if I were in their situation, I would tell them “no thanks” – if you think my only value is a paycheck to my ex or for my children then you (the country) are not worthy of my support to defend you. I am just as worthy of loving my children as is their mother. The courts should eliminate support in favor of making sure that the children receive UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from BOTH parents. This will NEVER happen as long as the bs about support is alive.

Yes this does sound extreme but maybe it is time that the courts realized fathers are important.