Child Support

I’am an airline mechanic for a major airline facing possible layoff.I would like to know if I do get layed off income loss what can I do to adjust child support payment.

I’m sure there are many fathers in the same boat as I’m do I have to hire an attorney and go back through the court system I am living in Arizona.

Thanks for any help you can offer,


Your local family court is fine provided the other party lives in the same state and district, otherwise you have to go where the original stipulation was made, or the family court where the child/children are.

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The tragedies to come from NY

One thing should be noted.

The families of many of the dead fathers will be hit with a second set of grief. The men killed in Tuesday’s tragedy, who owe child support, are still required to make those payments. Their families will be receiving child enforcement papers, some time in the future, informing them to show cause why their assets should not be seized to pay the obligation.

We had a case in Missouri where two years after the death of her son, a mother was still getting served with papers demanding to know how she was supporting the man’s two older children from his first deceased wife. Any money that she was getting as a result of his death was to be paid directly, and only, to his ex-wife to cover unpaid child support since his death as a result of a fire.

I’m now waiting for the first calls from second wives or parents, who have been informed that a child support order must still be obeyed, regardless of the fact that the father of the children is dead.

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What does the court look at?

When deciding whom the children should live with, what does the court system look at? Currently, my ex has custody of our 2 daughters (4 & 6). I would love to have custody of them. Here are some of the things I thought they might take into consideration.

  1. Both her and I have stable residence, but as far as schools, mine was rated top in area, hers one of the last (in academics).
  2. As far as stable environment, her step-father molested her (I had to take her to court to stop her from leaving our daughters with her parents over night) and her mother baby-sits for her for 3-4 hours everyday til she get home from work. I am self-employed (commercial electrician) and am able to set my own schedule and my mother lives 15 minutes from my house and the school
  3. She is currently pregnant with her latest boyfriends baby.
  4. I filed contempt of court paper work last week on her. She denied me visiation for a month.
  5. I have never been late paying support, missed a visit, missed calling my girls once a week, or even a parent-teacher conference or school program.

This is the ones I could think of. Do they talk to my daughters (the magistrate)? How much weight does their wants carry? They cry when I take them home or call, wanting to stay or for me to pick them up now.

I am getting ready to take them to a psychologist (children) and have them talked to for sign of abuse or anything. If anyone knows of anything else that might be looked at, please let me know. My lawyer doesn’t even want to talk about it, he keeps saying “just wait a couple of years”. I can’t. I have to at least try.

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Can I subpoena…?

I have question. Can I subpoena my wifes employment records per se?

I am represented by a top notch attorney (father’s right’s advocate lawyer) but he has failed thus far to realize the pertinence of my wife’s employment records (incidentally, the records are in Utah, and both my wife and myself now live in California) Her work records are deplorable and an asimile of her approach towards life itself.

She was fired from three consecutive jobs in UT. She is not working in CA at this time and hasn’t since moving here last July. She was stripped of her welfare in CA, under section 8, as it was discovered that in fact she had a ‘bread winner’ felon boyfriend taking care of the household. Now, after pursuing child care receipt forgeries in Utah, the State Attorney General in Utah has decided that she owes the State of Utah $3,360.30. (no threat of prosecution that I know of, though the forgeries were blatant, and a notarized document from the woman whose name was forged was lodged with the Utah State Attorney General’s office) What my question boils down to…Is it possible to have her work records subpoenaed on my own?…

This is an extremely complicated case that was first lodged with the court in Utah in June, 4 children, ages 2 to 12. I have been alienated from seeing them for almost 18 months, with no custody determined as of yet. The UT case was finally dismissed in May, and the venue is now in San Bernadino, CA. My BIG court day in San Bernadino is Nov 2, when we get two hours to cross-examine, and produce documents. I could go on forever as this case has many nuances that I feel to be pertinent. I know I have to trust my high priced attorney. My wife has a legal aid attorney. Very frustrated in San Diego.
Thank you.

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